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Gifted Education

Gifted education in the Great Valley School District is based on Chapter 16 Rules and Regulations regarding Gifted Students in Pennsylvania.

Among the options for mentally gifted students are enrichment (example: gifted students coming together for challenging projects and discussion requiring higher order thinking skills), acceleration (example: math or reading beyond grade level), and opportunities for special studies which are frequently supported by technology (example: distance learning course). Specialized teachers support the teaching staff in providing these challenges and extensions.

Gifted Education Q & A

What does "gifted" mean?

In Pennsylvania, being mentally gifted is defined as having an “outstanding intellectual and creative ability, the development of which requires specially designed programs or support services, or both, not ordinarily provided in the regular education program.” The term mentally gifted includes a person who has an IQ of 130 or higher or when multiple criteria indicate gifted ability. Determination of gifted ability is not based on IQ score alone. A student with an IQ score lower than 130 may be eligible for gifted services when other educational criteria strongly indicate gifted ability.

What criteria might be used to indicate gifted ability?

Multiple criteria indicating gifted ability may include:

  • observed or measured acquisition/retention rates that reflect gifted ability (how quickly a child learns new concepts or information, and how long he/she remembers it);
  • achievement, performance or expertise in one or more academic areas that demonstrates a high level of accomplishment that exceeds differentiated instruction/ability to meet in general education curriculum;
  • higher level thinking skills;
  • documented evidence that intervening factors are masking gifted ability.

How does the district identify gifted students?

Referral for gifted multidisciplinary evaluation is made when the student is suspected by teachers or parents of being gifted and not receiving an appropriate education under Chapter 4.