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Child Study Team

In order to address the education-related needs of students, Great Valley School District uses the MTSS (Multi-Tiered Systems of Support) framework. We take a proactive approach to identifying academic, behavioral, or social-emotional needs, and provide interventions to help students be successful. Indicators of student need can range from academic struggles, low grades, behavioral challenges, social relationship difficulties, and attendance issues, to disciplinary issues or even problems in the community. The MTSS process uses data to screen, monitor, and make decisions that support students. 

Levels of Support

  • Tier 1 services are those that are provided to all students and are typically enough to support 80-90% of students. These are intended to be preventative. Our schools use several behavioral and social emotional supports at this level, including: Responsive Classroom (elementary) and School-Wide Positive Behavior Programs (elementary and middle).
  • Tier 2 services include more targeted intervention intended to support 10-20% of students who require more focused support and increased opportunities for learning. Tiered supports are provided for Reading and Math (elementary) and through counseling and mental health services district wide).
  • Tier 3 supports are more intensive interventions to help students who are having persistent learning, behavior or social/emotional needs. Tier 3 supports are intended for the 5-10% of students who have not benefited from other supports provided. The needs for these supports are typically determined by assessments, and are more individualized for students. This tier may include students with disabilities.

Child Study Teams

Each school has a Child Study Team (CST) which consists of a multidisciplinary group of professionals who are focused on supporting students who are struggling. The team as a whole takes responsibility for identifying the specific needs of the student, brainstorming and developing short-term goal(s) and targeted interventions, establishing a plan to implement these interventions and for monitoring the student’s response to these as measured by progress related to the goal(s).

At GVHS, the CARE team consists of counselors, a mental health professional, and administrators. This team identifies students who may be struggling with academic, social, emotional, behavioral, home or other personal issues. The CARE team makes recommendations for supports, which may include referral for mentoring, a CST meeting, Student Assistance (SAP) or other supports.